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Bigger Faster Stronger

By cjreed23 Apr 13, 2014 851 Words
English 1020
10 March 2014
Bigger, Stronger, Faster
The documentary, Bigger, Stronger, Faster was made in 2008 and directed by Christopher Bell. The documentary focuses on how Christopher and his brothers all idolized remarkable athletes and wanted to become just like them. As they got older they realized that all of their stars were on anabolic steroids. This caused his brothers to try steroids to better their performance. Christopher tried them at one point but realized it was wrong. Steroids are known as an illegal drug if not used for medical use. This documentary shows that steroids are an illegal performance enhancer for athletes. The documentary tries to persuade athletes and teenagers to not misuse steroids and not to use them as performance enhancers.

This documentary tries to explain how anabolic steroids is the easy way to get to where you want to be but is also illegal for professional athletes. I came to find out that athletes abused steroids because they wanted a boost. These athletes were unsatisfied with where they were. The use of steroids is used by many athletes and body builders even though it is illegal. Many of the athletes just explained that they felt like they were not where they need to be to be in the pros. These athletes figured that steroids were the best option to get where they needed to be. The documentary reaches out to the youth and athletes so that avoid abusing steroids and earn what you want the natural way.

Steroids are known to help boost testosterone which would help boost muscle growth. This is a way to lure many athletes into using this drug to help boost their performance in their activities. In this documentary they show how many of these athletes and body builders have been caught using steroids. They claim they would only use them to help them get big enough to be able to compete with their competition. Most of these athletes, who have taken steroids, have been given awards. These athletes would later be stripped of these awards for the use of performance enhancers. Sometimes these athletes would be fined for using steroids. The use of steroids by so many athletes has convinced many of them the drug will only help them a little but in reality it will help them greatly.

The way these athletes use the anabolic steroid without thinking about can cause serious damage to their reputation and also their bodies. Athletes may use this drug to help themselves but hope to not get caught. The documentary showed how when the athletes got caught how much negative input came with it. Their fans did not support them as much and lost some hope in them. Some fans on the other hand found nothing wrong with it. In the Olympics against Russia, the USA won with the help of steroids and no one had a problem with it. Now a day’s people get tested before and after they may win. One professional football player, Lyle Alzado, was a constant steroid user in his career. In the documentary they say that he later was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he blamed the tumor on the heavy use of steroids he used. Christopher Bell interviewed a man with AIDS who was still going strong. He gave credit to steroids for helping him survive for so long even after he was in critical condition. These two cases can give the audience mixed emotions on how to feel about steroids.

The logic of using steroids is a way to get a major growth in your muscles in a short amount of time. The documentary shows how Christopher's older brother was a star football player in high school. He later went on to play in college but realized he was not where he wanted to be at on this level. He then resulted in taking steroids to help him gain more muscle. He later tries to start a career in professional wrestling but does not make it. Christopher's younger brother would also use steroids but just because he wanted to be bigger. Christopher even admitted to trying steroids because he was not happy with the size of his muscles. This shows that steroids are used to mainly help with muscle growth and better performance.

This documentary shows the flaws and lies of the athletic world. Steroids have greatly impacted some people’s lives by ruining it or it might have helped them throughout their life. The documentary was excellent at showing how steroids can be considered cheating to the fans and some of the athletes who do not use the drug. The documentary shows how even when you use steroids it does not always get you where you want and can have serious side effects. The main purpose steroids had throughout the documentary was to get muscle growth in a short amount of time and to improve performance. This documentary is good way to see how many athletes are using steroids and how they are affected afterwards.

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