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Bigger Faster Stronger

By Jandro_P Oct 13, 2013 747 Words
Bigger, Faster, Stronger

By the phase “American as apple pie” I believe they are comparing it to be as normal as eating a peace as apple pie. The reason for this is because the use of steroids has become so common in the United States that even students in high schools are consuming them to increase there body mass. I do agree with this statement because it is true almost every house hold that someone would come across in the United States would most likely have steroids in there possession. There have even been giant companies that have opened stores all across the United States that sell nothing but steroids. One major example is GNC (General Nutrition Corporation) they have a store in just about every city. This company sell massive amounts of products that are body enhancers which is the same thing exact thing that steroids does. The only difference between them are that steroids are considered to be needle shots and supposedly work out products are pills, powders, and liquids. The main point I am trying to get across is that even thought people will deny it anything that can physically enhance someone’s body is a steroid no matter what shape, size, or form in comes in.

It is a hypocritical Statement because politicians are clearly stating that steroids is an uncalled for behavior. I believe they only think this because the media has made a negative background on steroid use over the years. The media really know how to over exaggerate stories and topics. Every time the news get there hands on a story that involves steroid usage they really enjoy to twick it information. Like for example they say a person using steroids died form an over dosage of steroids like if the person was addicted or something, but in reality they failed to mentioned that the person who died had psychotic issues. With those few words not being said can easily impact all the viewers point of view on steroids making them believe it is equivalent to cocaine and other deadly drugs. Since politician are also within all the other people who are exposed to what the news has to which greatly impacts their thoughts on steroids. If someone were to tell a politician that steroids and a cup of coffee are the same exact thing they would easily disagree. But after being explained coffee is a body enhancer that increasing energy to get people thought the day is the same thing as a steroid which also gives the body energy to work out. There are a lot of steroids out there that are made by natural plants just like the coffee bean it just depends on where the person heard about steroids first. Such as if it were from the media or a steroid user that explained to them what it was greatly impacts a persons point of view on the topic.

Toward the end of the film I believe Chistopher Bell didn’t go for or against the use of steroids it was more like he decided to stay in natural. I was brought to this conclusion because at the beginning Bell was completely against the use of steroids but as the end of the film arrived he was completely alright with his brothers taking steroids. He might not want to take steroids for himself but he isn’t totally against it or else he would have been saying to take steroids of the public market and close down all the productions companies. What I believe had a great impact on him was finding out that all of his idos were steroid user and if it weren’t for steroids those people most likely wouldn’t have been where they are today. It just made him realize that everyone who isn’t physically fit or famous expects more of people who are such as sports players they are expected to do things normal people cant do. But when in reality all these people are just as normal as everyone else since so many people expect so much of them it pushes them to do new things like steroids for example just to satisfy everyone else’s expectations of them. Life is not how it use to be where it was all about having a house, a family and money to support them, but now it has just become on giant completion on who is better and who is not.

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