Bigfoot: United States and Eagles Nest Mountain

Topics: United States, Southern United States, North Carolina Pages: 2 (665 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Faces like apes, broad shoulders, and long arms. What is this mystical creature? The Indians of southwest British Columbia call this creature “Sasquatch” which means “man of the woods” but, because of their oversized tracks he is supposed to leave, the American press has named them Bigfoot. This large creature is believed to roam in the forests of Northern California, Oregon, Washington and Canada’s British Columbia. Maybe you will just happen to stumble over a massive footprint or maybe even sight this large furry creature peeking out behind a tree. Sasquatches popularity grew in the 1960’s and early 70’s. Many more people than in previous years reported sightings of this creature but, were we just mistaking them for animals we normally see in the woods? Sightings of this large creature have been reported but, how do we know they aren’t just faking it? Where’s the evidence? In 1811 a man by the name of David Thompson encountered an interestingly big footprint while crossing through the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This footprint measured 14 inches long and 8 inches wide. This was the first seen footprint believed to be a footprint of Bigfoot. After this discovery more and more footprints were discovered. There have been several sightings in North Carolina. The most in Montgomery County with a total of 8 reported sightings. The sightings in North Carolina though are different than from other parts of America. This so called cousin of Bigfoot is reported to be only 6 feet tall, have shaggy gray hair and have a terrible odor. This creature has picked up and carried on many different names in the counties of North Carolina. Knobby, sighted in 1970s around Carpenter's Knob near Toluca in Cleveland County. In Guilford County, the creature has picked up the name Wampus Cat and finally, said to be the most interesting story is of the creature called Boojum who is supposed to live on Eagles Nest Mountain in Haywood County. Boojum was a very human like creature. He was...
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