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Back to school

During the event “Back to school” President Barack Obama gave a speech at Wakefield high school September 2009. The speech doesn’t focus on teachers, school system or the parent’s duty to support and motivate their children going to school. It focuses on the responsibility every student has to him/herself. The speech is directed to the students, because in the debate about education and school it’s often the teachers, parents or the school system that are getting blamed when it goes wrong, it’s never the students. (And) However, their effort is just as important as the teachers’s effort. If a student denies getting help and denies improving, is it then the teacher’s fault? Svarer Obama på dette? Kæd dit spørgsmål sammen med Obamas pointer, ellers lyder det som om du stiller dette spørgsmål, hvilket jo ikke er relevant for opgaven.

The speech can be divided into three parts; the first part is where he greets everybody and tells a story of his own life to get down to the audience level. In the second part he marks the importance of education for the students and for the country. (her er han inde på noget værdimæssigt- uddyb gerne denne pointe)In the third part he notifies that he knows that the way to success can be a challenging road and it doesn’t come easy to anybody.

Barrack Obama engages his audience by mentioning that there are some children from the kindergarten starting their first day in a new school and there are some seniors out there with just one year to go. “(…) No matter what grade you’re in, some of you are probably wishing it were still summer, and you could’ve stayed in bed just a little longer this morning … I know that feeling.”1 Og hvad er pointen med dette- hvorfor nævner han alle grupper- uddyb din pointe….

By saying this he becomes equal to his audience and this makes the audience think that there is no difference between them and the president as a human being. Barack Obama is now equal to the audience;...
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