Big World

Topics: 2008 albums, Ant colony, Ant Pages: 3 (1463 words) Published: October 23, 2008
I could see them coming down the street on their skateboards. They were big, mean and ugly. They were the neighborhood bullies. I was new to the neighborhood, so naturally I was the one they picked on. They skated by and stopped at the edge of the sidewalk were I was playing with my Gameboy. They left their skateboards on the sidewalk and walked toward me. Before I knew it I was being picked up by my underwear and held high above the ground. Due to the severe pain I dropped my Gameboy; they picked it up, and then said “Were big and you’re not.” They walked back to their skateboards and skated off. As I walked back toward the house I tried to fix my ripped underwear. As I was walking back I noticed a big ant hill in the middle of our lawn. In my anger I went and got the hose, and flooded out the ant hill. I went inside and went straight up to my room. Later that night, at the dinner table my parents informed me and my sister that they would be going on vacation. It was there anniversary and they were planning on going to Mexico. They told us that our grandma was coming to stay with us for the week. Angered that my parents were just leaving us I stormed up to my room. That night I did not get much sleep. I kept thinking about the two bullies and how with my parents gone I would be picked on nonstop. The next morning I woke up and went down stairs to see that my parents had already started packing everything in the car. I went to the kitchen to have some cereal and watch TV. Eventually my parents got everything packed into the car. My grandma showed up and off my parents went. As soon as my parents were gone my grandma went inside and went to sleep. As I scanned the grass I noticed that the ant hill I had destroyed the previous day was back. I went over and kicked it, sending ants flying through the air. There is nothing you can do about it ants I’m big and your small. After smashing it down I went inside and watched TV with my sister. That night I went to bed...
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