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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Secrecy, Espionage Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Mole catcher
by: Sam winters
A mole catcher is a spy in the war. The second Continental congress created a Secret committee by a resolution on september 18,1775. The committee was not a true intelligence agency. Since the committee of secret correspondenceoften worked was mainly concerned with obtaining military supplies in secret and distrubting them, and selling gun powder previously negotiated by certain members of the congress without the formal sanction of that body.. the committee kept its transactions secret and destroyed many of its records to sure the confidentiality of its work. The secret committee employed agents overseas, often in cooperation with the committee of secret correspodence. It gathered intelligence about secret loyalist ammunition stores and arranged to seize them. The committee also sent missions to seize british supplies in the sourthern colonies. It arranged the purchase of military stores through intermediaries to conceal the fact that congress was the true purchaser. They then used foreign flags to attempt to trotect the vessels from the british fleet. The members of the continental congress appointed to the committee included the most influential and responsible members of the congress: Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, Robert Livingston, John Dickinson, THomas Willing, THomas McKean, John Langdon, and Samuel Ward. The original committee members-America's first foreign intelligence agency-were Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Harrison, and Thomas Johnson. The appointees included James Lovell, a teacher who had been arrested by the British after the battle of Bunker Hill on charges of spying. He had later been exchanged for a british prisoner and and was elected to the contental congress. On the committee he became the congress expert on codes and ciphers has been called the father of american cryptanalysis. The committee employed secret agents aboard, conducted covert operations, devised codes and ciphers, funded propaganda...
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