Big Mouth and Ugly Girl

Topics: High school, Joke, Basketball Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: June 3, 2013
The book is about High school junior Matt Donaghy or "Big Mouth" and School renegade Ursula Riggs, or "Ugly Girl" and they go to rocky river high school. Ursula Riggs, who takes after her father who is way over six feet tall. Ursula has made her peace with being anything but a cute, petite charmer like her mother and her little sister. Ursula, who is a top student, decides to become Ugly Girl, big, roughly dressed and definitely defiant. No one messes with big Ursula because she doesn't care what others think of her and she definitely does not put up with anyone, and that includes teachers. Ursula has her hair cut short, and lots of earrings in her ears. She is the best basketball player on the girls' team, and she plays with skill and ferocity. Matt Donaghy is also a top student who likes to make people laugh. He is tall and gangly, freckle- faced and pretty much a straight arrow. Matt writes for the school paper and has been elected vice president of his class by a margin of eleven votes. One day in the lunchroom Matt jokes that if his play is not chosen for the drama festival, what might he do, blow up the school? His friends all laugh because Matt is a just being silly. Unfortunately, he has been overheard and his innocent joke is taken so seriously that he is arrested. Matt is dumbfounded, and his family is devastated. Rumors fly all over the school and everyone is excited and full of groundless speculation. Suddenly, Matt is a pariah, and he is deserted by all his friends. Only Pumpkin, his beloved dog, does what all good dogs do. She keeps Matt company and she does not judge. But Pumpkin cannot discuss all the emotions racing through Matt's head, and he feels deserted by everyone. Then he receives and email from Ursula Riggs. Ugly Girl does not like the injustice of how Matt has been treated, so she has decided to make a stand and help Matt clear up this misunderstanding and this brings the two teens together, slowly but surely, as they exchange e-mails.
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