Big Ideas in Julius Ceasar

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What’s the Big Idea in Julius Caesar? – An Interest Inventory  
What big ideas from Julius Caesar interest you? Let’s find out by working through these directions. Look up words as needed.  
Step 1. Favorite Ideas: Circle your favorite ideas below. These may interest you because they relate to your life or to favorite books, films, and other works of art.  

Step 2.  Big Idea: Choose one idea from Step 1 to discuss. Explain below why this idea matters to (a) you right now, and (b) others you know, including world events.

Chaos: this word relates to me right now because I am constantly feeling like everything around me is in utter chaos. There is always so much going on, it hard to get a grip on what my priorities are and exactly why I care about the things/people in my life.  

An Important Idea: In 300 words, explain why this idea matters to you, others, and the world. To check your word count, go to the Review menu on the tool bar.

This word relates to me because chaos is my life right now. It is the definition of my daily activities as it is for everybody at some point in their lives. But the thing that makes my chaos unique; that makes how I define my life different is that I perceive having a chaotic life as a good thing. I believe that you aren't really living life if you are not living it with a little disorder and complications. I don't want everything to come served to me on a silver platter, because it would defeat the purpose of learning. When i have to work for something, I'll probably appreciate it more, and I'll have the learning experience of finding out exactly what is needed to accomplish the things I want in life. I also learn about what I can and can’t handle, and when I fail, and especially when I succeed, I need the chaos to bring me back to...
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