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Ryan Gabriel P. Molina PSYCH 1013
BSCS 1-3 Big Hero 6

To start off with, the first part of the film shows the relationship between Hiro and his older brother Tadashi. Tadashi is worried that Hiro's potential might be wasted so he took Hiro to his university, introduced Hiro to his friends and to Baymax, the robot he created. Based on what Tadashi did, I can say that he really cares for his brother. He wants Hiro to have the best experience. And the way he supported his brother during the presentation shows that he is indeed, the brother anyone can ask for.
Tadashi's death is not surprising because of the story's flow, yet it is truly heart-breaking. And the fact that Hiro cannot get over his brother's death, just added more fuel to it. But when he accidentally activated Baymax, I cannot help but laugh because of Baymax's actions. The way Baymax walks, the way he talks, and the way he takes care of Hiro is too adorable. And he is willing to do everything just for Hiro to be healed. And that is the time when I knew that Hiro, together with his friends and Baymax, will start their adventure.
The protagonist and the antagonist has a distressing relation. They are both coping with the same situation yet in different ways. Hiro has to deal with Tadashi's death and its effect to him is shown during the movie: not wanting to talk to anyone, sulking in his room, until he almost want to kill the person responsible for the death of his brother. And Callaghan, the antagonist, also lost his daughter. And this has led him to seek for revenge on the scientist he feels is responsible for his daughter's death. But the difference between the two is that Hiro didn't let his misery to devour his being and has allowed his friends to help him regain his self, while Callaghan has been eaten by his grief and it change him to a rage-driven beast. I like films where there is a dichotomy between the characters.
I can likewise say that life can be associated with this film.

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