Big Geography and the Peopling of the Earth

Topics: Gather, The Gathering, Society Pages: 1 (307 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Hunter Gatherer Life
1 – Fire was used as a new technology by the hunter gatherers to cook food. 2 – They used tools that they had made from stone, and they also began to experiment with metals. 3 – All of the people in the society would go out to hunt and gather food. Men and women were regarded as equals. 4 – Societies migrated into the Middle East, Asia, and eventually into Europe and Africa.

Personal Reflection
- Were hunter gatherer societies more effective than settled societies? Why or why not? Does technology always mean success?
Through the analysis of outcomes for both types of societies, it can be concluded that hunter gatherer societies were not more successful that settled societies. With the invention of farming and animal raising, settled societies were able to progress and develop than hunter gatherer societies. Since they didn’t have to have everybody hunting or gathering food, they were able to spare some people for other tasks such as building shelter and making tools. In hunter gatherer societies there was no time in the day for anything else other than hunting and gathering. This lack of man power stunted the development of the society.

Technology does not always mean success. While it can greatly help the advancement of societies and communities, it can also have negative consequences. Take modern day for example, the advent of new technology has contributed to the serious decline of the effectiveness of our education. Back then when there was not so much interesting and amusing technology, students could study effectively without being distracted. Nowadays the computers, phones, and tablets that we have serve as a compelling reason to not do homework or other school related tasks. This technology has more than dominated the lives of today’s young generation, and consequently decreased the success our educators have when teaching them.
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