"Big Fish" Essay

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November 21, 2013
Edward’s Understanding
Big Fish is a film directed by Tim Burton and filled with all sorts of different elements. One of these elements pertains to Edward Bloom, a man too full of thoughts and excitement for his hometown of Ashton. This element spreads throughout the entire film while at the same time, demonstrating two of Edward’s different views: the one of the world and the one of himself. Both views play an important role in the film as they are tied together during on the last scenes in the movie: Edward’s funeral. They come together to become one view in which Edward is always present.

Edward Bloom is a man true to himself, his family, and his dreams. Tim Burton portrays him as a man of great value and the light in dark places; Edward sees himself as that as well as thoughtful, loyal, handsome, and very courageous. The world is portrayed as mysterious for it is always dark though Edward sees it as a very big and unexplored place. He also thinks it is exciting for its mysteries that are held within it yet boring because he’s stuck in reality and information-not imagination. It is for this reason that Edward likes to mess with reality in his stories; for example, Edward retells the story of his absence at William’s, his son, birth. Doctor Bennett concludes the real story of Edward’s absence at William’s birth with a simple, “Not very exciting is it?” Edward’s views of both himself and the world are combined in a way in which Edward turns into an immortal fish in the water which is mostly unexplored and filled with mysteries like the world above.

Edward Bloom, along his journey, meets new exciting people. Edward meets a giant, a pair of dancing singers, a mysterious ringmaster, a witch, and, most importantly, a lovely girl that became his wife. For all of these people, Edward brought to them a taste of happiness to obliterate the worst of things. “…what you got you got a lot of.” refers to the part of the film in which Mr. Calloway,...
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