Big Fish

Topics: Big Fish, Daniel Wallace Pages: 3 (1251 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Big Fish
In Daniel Wallace’s novel Big Fish Edward Bloom has high expectations for how his life is to be remembered. He wants to be remembered for something exciting, not just by his family but everyone else around him. William Bloom, Edwards son, does not want to remember his father quite like this. He wants to know the truth even if he may have doubts afterwards. Williams imagination opens up and he begins to accept Edwards endless stream of jokes that make him an extraordinary man. Through these tales William and Edward’s relationship becomes much stronger. He understands that the truth may not be one of the outcomes but William realizes that if his father is happy with a life that was not completely honest then he should be happy with it too. Edward, being the person he is, tends to exaggerate a lot on the events of his life. At the beginning William believed these stories, but as he got older he had had enough and wants to know the truth. When William was born he took his job as a father quite seriously. But after a while he gave up: “Regardless of how much he loved his wife, his son, he could only stand so much love,” (122-123). It is not that he does not want to be with them anymore but it is just that he is lacking the effort. William is losing the father figure in his life at a very young age. He had traveled his whole life being away from his family but he is brought back home when his life is near its end. Williams mother tells him about what a dreamer his father is: "And he had his dreams. Dreams are what keep a man going, William, and already your father was a dreaming empire,” (51). Edward is not an open person. He has an open mind but if someone asks him something very personal he makes a joke out of it. He does not want people to know much about him. He dreams often and wants these dreams to be real so he pretends they are. He exaggerates his own life experiences and makes them into stories that people will talk about forever. But when his life...

Cited: Wallace, Daniel. Big Fish. Penguin Books: New York, 1998.
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