Big Fish

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Big Fish
Part 1 – Characterization
I feel what motivate Edward is that he has so much background and he has met so many people. He starts by being a kid- he saw his death into a witch’s eye, spent 3 years growing due to growing up too fast. He grows up doing so much for a lot people, talking to people. Grasping new stories to hold and hearing new ones he has never heard before, adding them to his memory. I feel this is what motivates him to tell his stories a certain way. What motivates Will to tell his stories so blandly with facts? I feel it’s based on having to hear his dad telling all these stories. He doesn’t want to tell stories like his dad thinking all his dad says is lies. That telling stories like his dad is all fairy tales and fake things that happened. I also think it’s because he lives a pretty normal life, never living up to what his dad did. Never saved a town, met a giant, or been in a carnival show like his dad. He hated his dad’s stories, so tells them opposite from his dad with only facts. Part 2 – Technique

I enjoyed one of the last scenes of the movie where Edward wakes and talks to Will about what he saw in the eye. I felt like this part was effective because it was the last bit of story that Edward had and Will was the one to tell it to him. I liked how they filmed it before he died, giving it more emotion and depth. I believe the director made the decision with the correct camera angles because it showed all the people he met in his stories and had Will realize them. Instead of having the camera faces Edward and people in the background. Camera movement was good too, also kind of slowing down to show each and every one of the people he met in his stories. It helped everything tie together at the end. Part 3 – Irony

At the end of the movie, no one would ever expect that Will would pass Ed’s story onto kids of his own. Throughout most of the movie, Will is portrayed as a son who is sick and tired of his dad’s stories, which is why...
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