big colleges vs small colleges

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Small or big, the size of a college can certainly affect one’s college life experience. Both small colleges and big colleges have their positive and negative sides. There might be many differences between a small and a big college, but big ones usually offer better interaction between both the students and the faculty, better facilities and better quality of teaching.

Firstly, interaction between student and professors make the students learn more effectively and raise their academic performance. A small college consists of few students, approximately 3000, so the student interaction with the professors could be more because usually the classrooms are smaller and consists of small group of students in each class. The professors can also individually give time to each and every student and work with them independently. Students, who have hard time understanding things, directly ask the professor in the classroom itself. It also helps the professors to know their students better as there are limited students in each class. They would know which student lack in which area of studies and could be helped for improvements. On the other hand, bigger colleges have much better student interaction. They have bigger classrooms and so it becomes a tough job for the professors to keep a track of their students. This could be fixed by students visiting the professors during their office hours or by sending emails to the professor regarding the specific difficulties the students are facing. In larger colleges, classrooms consist of more group discussions, enhancing the learning environment for the students. Some students find it difficult to understand the material taught which could be clarified with the help of other students in the class and cutting down the necessity of visiting the professors during their office hours. The more the students, the more help one can get. Also, smaller colleges have less number of students and students might end up making limited friends...
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