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Topics: English-language films, City, Town Pages: 2 (735 words) Published: April 22, 2013
“Big Fish in Small Pond”
An Argumentative Essay on Big City v.s Small City

They say that it is always better to be a small fish in a big pond than being a big fish in a small pond. While this brief discourse is certainly not on the topic of either fishing or ponds, it is similar in the way that the experiences of being somebody in an unknown town and being a “nobody” in a big town mirror this proverb. While there certainly are many advantages to living in a small town, the question that begs to be asked is whether or not these advantages far outweigh those of living in a big city. Further, living in a small town means that one is residing in a relatively small community and that the people manifest a certain familiarity that goes beyond normal conversations. The town grocer or shopkeeper may remember one’s name and the local physicians may actually even know one’s entire medical history. The crime rate is much lower than a big city and it is safer to take walks at night without worrying about getting mugged. Yet, can one say that life has truly been lived and experienced based on the happenings in a small town? There is so much that the world has to offer and only a small part of that can be experienced in any small town (Steves, 2007). Analysis

In cases as that aforementioned, one may take to imagine the delight of those who reside in Istanbul, Turkey—fine and simple—yet possess all the wonders a certain place would ever possess. Churches, mosques, palaces, dashing synagogues, castles and towers are few of the land marks which connote the ideal definition of Istanbul—a big city rich with “big” entities. Being Turkey’s most populous city, and considerably the center of economics and culture for that instance, the rise of crime rate would be inevitable to contain, hence, this connotation is admirably contained by this big city, compared to that which seemingly occur in other...
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