Big Brother Isnt Watching You

Topics: Political philosophy, Rhetoric, Aristotle Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: December 8, 2014
Big Brother isn’t watching you
RØD – Verballed. Blå – Subjekt.
”If we don’t want our young people to tear apart our communities then don’t let people in power tear apart the values that hold our communities together” (L. 105-106). When the teenagers are the only ones, who see the faults with the culture we live in, we should listen to them; they do not smash the city for the fun of it. “Big Brother isn’t watching you”, is a commentary by Russell Brand, that was published on The Guardians website in 2011. The main argument of the text is to awaken the British government, and make them take the young people serious, that are why the violent riots are just in front of their doors. Russell tells us about how he participated in riots in his 20’s, and how he “was one of them”. This really helps Brand as a commentator. He is really just a grown up rioter, who writes on paper instead of walls. One may argue that his ethos is quite spectacular in this case, because he is an expert in riots and the tough hoods of London. The people of London are confused because they do not know what is going on, and Russell gives them the answer. So Brand has good ethos among the rioters and normal people. Brand is like the best of both worlds. His language is super academic “Dismissing rioters as mindless is futile rhetoric. However unacceptable the UK riots,” (L. -2) The academic language makes him sound very smart, and the fancy words also builds a greater ethos. On the other hand, Brand uses slang and his British accent, just as if he was standing in front of us, for instance: “(wow, it’s all coming back)” (L. 15-16) or the use of words like “mates”, “bloody”, and so on. It is really obvious that Brand is a comedian when you read the text, for instance when he makes this point; “Unless the news tomorrow it’s revealed that there’s been a freaky “criminal creating” chemical leak in London and Manchester and Liverpool and Birmingham …” by over-argumentation, he really makes a...
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