Big Brother Isn't Watching You

Topics: Rhetoric, The Guardian, Russell Brand Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Big Brother isn’t watching you

The English comedian Russell Brand lives in Los Angeles, but that don’t necessarily mean that he can’t be heard in the public media of London. In his commentary “Big Brother isn’t watching you” posted on The Guardian website in 2011 he explains his opinion towards the riots in England. This is primarily headed towards the Londoners, but it also conflicts with other cities and even the politicians. Russell Brand tries to get people to see these riots as young human beings and not just a group of “hoddies”. But is this commentary enough to chance the people’s attitude towards the riots? Is this enough to chance the Londoners way of seeing the riots? Or will they always just be “hoodies”?

Russell Brand is a loved comedian and personality in both US and UK therefore will his statements be heard by a lot of people, and they will listen. This wouldn’t be the case if he was just some Londoner. This makes the commentary very special and interesting. As celebrity he can say things, for example about politicians that regular people can’t do in the same way. There is no doubt about his opinion in this case, “If we want to live in a society where people feel included, we must include them, where they feel represented, we must represent them and where they feel love and compassion for their communities then we, the members of that community, must find love and compassion for them” (p. 10, ll 114-117) Russell Brand wants the politicians to start care about the riots, give them opportunities, include them. He thinks that the politicians don’t worry about them because they don’t vote anyway. But the riots don’t vote because it doesn’t matter that they vote for, the all do the same: nothing at all. Russell Brand writes this commentary to shake things up, he is trying to get the people of London and the politicians in England to listen and start taking action. The damaged communities caused by riots can’t be stopped by waiting around....
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