Big Brother Isn’t Watching You

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Russell Brand, Forgetting Sarah Marshall Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Big brother isn’t watching you

The expression, Big brother isn’t watching you is a directly parallel to the English author and journalist George Orwell’s book, 1984. Originally, the book was written in the year 1948 and is about an insignificant young man, named Winston Smith, who works for the state. His job is to paraphrase historical documents to promote propaganda in the society. The book is about Winston’s attempt to rebel against the totalitarian state, he lives in.

People today, still consider the book to be a terrible illustration of the surveillance society, Big Brother society. The British comedian Russell Brand, who now lives in Los Angeles (USA), has written a critical comment on the riots in England, where he states; by using his point of view of the expression, Big brother isn’t watching you that no one is really watching any one. He here describes the conditions of the many rioters and takes their side in the conflict. The riots in England have been a huge problem since 2011 in specially London, emotions run high, and the general emotions in the society becomes fight or flee.

The comedian Russell Brand is also well known for his jokes about celebrities in Hollywood comedies, where he himself has stared in ex. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Why Russell has written this commentary, is to find in the text, where he reveals that he is from London, England, but doesn’t live there anymore but has moved to L.A. The distance can’t keep him from commenting on the current situation in his homeland, because he has been affected emotionally and even though rioters keep rebelling and vandalizing streets and stores, he is still proud to be English. “I feel proud to be English.”[1]

In the text occur there many explanations from Russell where he tries to come up with a reason why the riots are occurring in such matter, as we see in London. “I naturally began to wonder what would make young people destroy their communities.”[2] Russell is an upcoming...
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