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Induction program
Induction Program
1. Purpose of induction program
The induction program is designed to help new employees to become familiar with the requirements of their post and adapt to their new working environment as quickly as possible. The process of inducting a new employee is not complete until he has become thoroughly and satisfactorily adjusted to his job, understands the importance of his work in relation to the company operations, is familiar with basic company policy, regulations or office rules and develops confidence in his management, fellow employees. 2. Benefits of the induction program

• To help you to develop contacts with those staff with whom you will need to liaise in connection with your job. • To ensure that you are aware of how your post relates to the work of the Department as a whole. • To provide a planned introduction and training period which will assist you to become competent in the duties of your post. • To provide you with an overview of how the company works and an understanding of its mission. 3. Induction plan

Induction plan should cover all factors in induction checklist. This plan should include questions: • When to do?
• Who to do?
So that, you should design a table which include column such as number, types of work, who train?, when, what are records? 4. Induction records
HR department must collect all records related to induction plan above. 5. Related docs to induction:
• Induction training
• Induction process
• Induction checklist
• Induction questionnaire

Induction training
1. Organization
• History of company
• Mission
• Vision
• Organizational philosophy
• Organizational objectives
• Organizational structures
• Industry
• Products and services
• Customers
• Employee’s department
• Facilities
2. Company culture
3. Compensation
• Pay schedule
• Payroll deductions
• Worker’s compensation
4. Benefits
• Credit union [ if any]
• Employee purchase [ if any]
• Service rewards
• Medical [ if any]
• Life insurance
• Pension
4. Attendance
• Work hours
• Rules on lateness, sickness, absence
5. Leave and holidays
• Holidays
• Leave policy
6. Health and safety
• Safety guidelines
• First aid
• Emergency procedure
7. Security
• Security procedures
• Restricted areas
• Confidentiality
8. Transportation
• Co. Bus [ if any]
• Parking
• Travel policies
• Travel expenses
9. Personal
• Smoking policy
• Canteen locations
• Rest breaks
• Meal breaks
10. Communication
• Co. Newsletter
• Bulletins board
• Employee handbook
• Emails
11. Performance/ responsibilities
• Probationary period
• Dress code
• Performance reviews
• Suggestion box
• Equal opportunity
• Sexual harassment
• Expectation from the employees
• Ethical standards
• Conflict of interest
12. Working procedures and instruction
Induction process
1. Invitation letter
• HR department should send invitation letter to employee in order to conduct joining procedure. • HR department should also phone employee to confirm receipt of invitation letter. 2. Welcome new employee.

• Depend level of importance of new employee, HR dept can organize different types of welcome new employee. • Types of welcome can or not include meeting, slogan, welcome staff…. 3. Sign labor contract

• New employee is invited to HR dept to fulfill labor contract. HR manager will send draft labor contract to new employee and discuss more terms of this contract. • New employee will sign labor contract and HR dept will send original one to employee after 5 working days. 4. Introduction about organization

• HR department will be responsible to introduce about organization such as mission, business sector…(all contents are available at induction checklist). • Director will be responsible to introduce about organization for position of manager or higher level. 5. Compensations and benefits

HR manager or HR coordinator will
• Introduce all...
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