Big Bad Wolf Remix

Topics: Temperature, Conflict, A Little Bit Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Intro paragraph:
In the story The Interlopers there where two huge conflicts that occurred that cause disaster. The conflicts caused great suspense to readers mind. When they occurred it made you want to read more. I’m going to tell you what the two main problems are. In this response I will tell you how they are related and how they are resolved as well. Body paragraph #1: The First Conflict and How It Was Solved

The most important conflict, obviously, is the rigid determination of the men, Ulrich and Georg, who battle over a thin strip of land. The problem is overstated by the fact that neither men really needed the land. Both have larger regions of land where they can find well settled plantations. Still, because their families have disagreed over the land for years, they continued to fight one another. The problem was solved when the men shared a drink after being trapped beneath the fallen trees. They agreed to end the dispute and make peace. This, still, does nothing to resolve the other struggle they had throughout the story.

Body paragraph #2: The Second Conflict and How It Was Solved The second complication or problem was man vs. nature. Both men were in a pitch-black forest in wildly cold temperature conditions. Each men chose to occupy late afternoon guarding the small strip of land, wanting to catch the other and suspect him of intruding or trespassing on to his land. This problem was solved by the form of the starving wolves that were drawn to the scent of blood. The wolves represented nature’s final blow against the men’s loss and will represent a clear and critical victory. Body paragraph #3: How Both Conflicts Are Related to One Another In both conflicts the men are arguing over the land. The men were being so senseless of just a little strip of land. To me I’m guessing that they probably both had equal land parts and just wanted more than the other one. As a result of this, the men fought constantly. They both should of just came to a...
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