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11 March 2014
Ender’s Game Research Paper

So I could be wrong here, but I don’t think I am the only one who wanted to know how to wipe out an entire alien race, and enjoy doing it. If I am correct, and you are in fact looking just for that, then boy do I have a treat for you! Because Orson Scott Card has the key! Ender in Ender’s Game is a quiet boy who isn’t like the others--he has a small black box on his body. No, he isn’t under house arrest, Ender is part of a government plan to create an army. Throughout his life Ender has to worry about a whole lot more than if a girl likes him, Ender has to think and decide whether or not he has it in him to save the world. Most people have their entire early lives/childhood to decide what they want to do, but Ender never had the opportunity to have a proper childhood, he was robbed of a childhood.

So all of this is great, but what does it really mean to be robbed of something? According to Oxford Dictionaries, "rob" means, to “Deprive (someone or something) of something needed, deserved, or significant” (Use 1.3). “Robbed of” also means to “Take property unlawfully from a person by force or threat of force" (Use 1). Finally, “rob” means to “Overcharge (someone or something)” (Use 1.1). The most appropriate definition is to “Deprive someone of something needed, deserved, or significant.” Children are being "deprived," defined as to "Deny a person the possession or use of something”. [of something needed, deserved, or significant] in this case it is significant and proven, as “There is a growing body of research that shows a link between play and the development of cognitive and social skills that are prerequisites for learning more complex concepts as children get older”(Dr. Leong). If children only work and don’t have any time to go outside or have social interaction then kids will be less successful than if they had the free time. Basically Dr. Leong is saying that if kids don’t have a childhood, then they will be less successful. What exactly is a childhood then? A childhood is defined by Oxford Dictionaries, as “The state of being a child”. or “The period during which a person is a child” (“Childhood” 1.1). Which technically everyone experiences, but as portrayed in most movies children don’t experience stress and certainly don’t think about the world ending. The difference between a child who is stress free up until adulthood and Ender is the one who is stress free only worries about his own fate, therefore, only thinks about his own opinion and doesn’t have to think about what is best for other people but only what is important to him. Ender has to think about how he will get through the training without being ruined mentally, or being killed by others in the school. At first in the academy he was concerned about his grades, he was passing all of his classes but he was worried about being distracted and allowing his grades to slip. But later in the year he had no choice but to give up school work all together and 100 percent on saving humanity as well as surviving the attacks from his list of enemies (which has a new name on it almost everyday).

When Ender was in school and being tested, he learned many things. All of which were things that adults learn when they are in the military, but Ender (along with hundreds of other boys and girls), is forced to act like an adult from a young age which may put him at a disadvantage when compared to those who had free time as a child. Someone cannot live or function properly if they have been deprived of a childhood. In relation to children being “given back” their childhoods, Peter Gray (A research professor of psychology at Boston College, and author of ‘Psychology’) said, “The real problems I’ve faced in life include physical ones (such as how to operate a newfangled machine at work or unblock the toilet at home), social ones (how to get that perfect woman to be interested in me), moral ones (whether to give a...
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