Big and Small cities

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Big and Small Cities
There are so many beautiful cities on the earth, some of them are big and crowed, but some of them are small. What comes to your mind when you hear about big and small cities? What are the differences between them? They are totally different, so what kind of cities you like to live in? There are many different characteristics that describe big and small cities that are discussed in this essay. One of the different characteristics between big and small cities is the environment. The environment of big cities like Los Angeles, California and Seattle. They have a lot of traffic jam, so many people spend a lot of time on driving every day from their houses to their jobs because the distance between two places is enormous. Big cities also have a lot of pollution; there is some noise, smoke and sometimes garbage on the street there is less fresh air, because of so many cars. In contrast, people who live in small cities, tend to have less traffic because they usually use their bicycles to commute quickly. A small city has more fresh air and it is not noisy because they are usually among big mountains and forests. Also, small cities don’t have too much traffic because everything is closed by. Environment in Big and small cities are completely different. Another difference is the type of Population. Big cities like Los Angeles, CA. are really unsafe. Many crimes are committed each year, which is the reason that people generally are not friendly. In addition, people on the street usually don’t know each other. However, small cities like Ellensburg are safe because few crimes are committed. Many people feel safe walking anyplace, even at night. In addition, people in small cities are very friendly because usually they know each other well. The third difference is entertainment. In big cities like Los Angeles, there are many places to have fun. Examples are Magic Mountain, Santa Monica Beach, Disneyland and Universal Studios. In addition, big cities...
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