bieber fever

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10/14/13 Journalism I Bieber Fever

15 year old Valeria Salcido from Sioux City, Iowa is not only a hard working student, but a big fan of the one and only, Justin Bieber. When asked where she first heard about Justin Bieber, she said on the radio in 2009. Valeria, who is now 15, was only the age of 11 at the time she first heard about Bieber. After a while she became a huge fan of Justin Bieber, who is famous, international pop star. One of the very first songs Valeria heard from him was “Baby”. “Believe” is an album of Justin Bieber’s come out a while ago, but is one of Valeria’s favorites. “It’s his transition album where he’s and shows the world that he’s not just any kid from Canada and every single song has a beautiful meaning”, she says. Just recently Valeria attended one of Justin Bieber’s concerts at Omaha, Nebraska. No words could explain the excitement Salcido felt saying it was her best day ever. In the interview she was asked what she thought about Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez.” At first I liked it, they were a nice couple”, she says. “But then as they started to grow in fame, the relationship started to fall and there was a division between them”. Valeria also says she never approved of the relationship either. During the summer, Justin Bieber’s behavior wasn’t the best as there were problems between him and his neighbors, and was recently caught smoking. When asked what she thought about this, Valeria didn’t think it was right what Justin did, and that he’s under the bad influence of others. This didn’t Valeria from being Justin Bieber’s fan, but she says she’s not a fan but a “belieber”. Justin Bieber may be under the bad influence of others but he inspires many people all the time. Valeria says that just like where Justin’s...
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