Topics: Automobile, Cycling, Bicycle Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: April 13, 2014
Bicycles are a world known vehicles; they are known by all ages and are known for the amazing cardio exercise that many do on a daily basis. Bikes are so well known that there are about one hundred and seven bicycle riders in the state of Florida, alone. Banning this fun activity from parks is a horrible idea. This activity should most likely be banned from the streets where bigger motor vehicles are around. Bicycles should be banned from roads because; the research that has been done shows that 48,000 pedal cyclists died on roads with motor vehicles. I, for one almost drove into this situation this morning. I was driving and a bicyclist pedaled in front of my car with no signals at all! This shows the somewhat carelessness that a driver or a rider could face. He had no protection from the fatal crash he could’ve been involved in. Majority of crashes occur on the road from four p.m. and seven fifty-nine p.m.; rush hour. The other time that crashes are popular is from eight p.m. and eleven fifty-nine at night. This time is around the time where people are drinking and driving or where bicyclists don’t have lights to show their presence. Aside from the idea of banning from streets the main reason for this letter is the idea of banning them from parks. Banning from parks is plain ridiculous. Parks are a safe haven for these riders and pedestrians or runners. The parks are given to counties and citizens to enjoy and not worry so much of getting hurt or killed. While most incidents occur on the streets (48,000) there are a nine percent of bicycle incidents that occur on trails that’s less than on streets or other places. Bicyclists are physically active. This idea of banning bicycles would bring a decline in health risks like heart disease, strokes etc. If you ban bicycles from parks you are changing the state of Florida and you are bringing a more risk of our citizens than this two wheel vehicles would ever bring.
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