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BIC Company was funded in 1945; it became a well-known business for producing disposable pens. It has also achieved a great success with disposable lighters and shaving razors. Creating an image of disposable products. The BIC Company started launching products for her. The men market for BIC was bigger than the female. First launches with colorful pens and design lighters was very successful. In 2004 the company thought that the brand name was strong enough to launch different categories for women. The launch of the BIC women underwear is the best example that it was not. The brand products are known as disposables and have a similar way to distribute and use the same outlets. The new line on disposable underwear had no link with the other products BIC was operating with. There was no link connecting underwear and pens or lighters. So in order to introduce such a different product a huge campaign should had been introduce. This campaign showing more than one product the underwear to show the new line or products the company is going to introduce. The marketing for the underwear was very poor instead and the underwear buyers did not want them at all. BIC was not flexible enough in order to enter a new unrelated product category. The difficulty existing to connect two different categories of products with the same name was not argued by BIC. The powerful existing brand perception for one style of products it is almost impossible to change. The brands name can have a lot of power where they have credentials. If you take the name of the brand out of these credentials it loses its power. BIC tried to find a new product to sell so desperate that they did not think how to introduce it in the market. The BIC underwear also requires a new distribution channel and different technology in its production. The main BIC products use different materials such as plastic and metal. The BIC underwear needed a new production material. All these made the BIC underwear fail and...
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