Bic Overall Analysis

Topics: Ballpoint pen, Société Bic, Bic Cristal Pages: 3 (887 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Raffaele Rosato3/6/2013
Management Strategy

Founded by Marcel Bich in Clichy, France in 1947, Bic has gained world recognition for its disposable products such as lighters, razors, and of course their ballpoint pen the Bic crystal. Their motto has not been change, but, little change and keeping the products disposable. Throughout the years Bic has entered Italy (1950), Brazil (1956), UK , Oceania, South Africa , USA(1958) , Scandinavia(1959) , Middle East(1960), Africa, Japan, and finally Mexico(1965). Soon, after Bic listed on the Paris Stock Exchange in 1972. During the 70s Bic expanded its product line: 1973 the Bic Lighter, in 1975 the Bic Shaver, in 1979 coloring and drawing utensils, in 1979 Bic expanded in sports products, in 1992 the Bic white out. Then in 1995 decides to again expand its markets entering Eastern Europe in 1995 and Asia in 1997. In 1997 an eye opening acquisition into the luxury fountain pen market (Sheaffer Pen Corp.) expanded its market product line but also, despite entering a market share which creates pens that ranges from a $15 pen to some $1000 pens the company has kept to its philosophy. Throughout the next decade Bic expanded into adhesive label markets in 2006 with Pimco, then they expanded into Turkey and then again into the promotional bag market markets with their acquisition of Atchison Products. In 2008 Bic releases a phone in France which with its simple design and disposability found a home there and soon expanded in Spain and Belgium. Bic then attained Antalis Promotional Products and then in 2009 expanded into India and Hungary. In 2009 Bic auires Morwood Promotional Products, in 2011 it creates the Bic Flamedisk and aquires Angstrom, a power company specializing in the development of portable fuel cells. Bic continues to be a low cost leader in their industry and other industries, and as their intentions to grow continue so will the number of acquisitions into other market product lines continue yet its...
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