Bible Book Summaries: Old Testament

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Bible Book Summaries: Old Testament
Bobbi Fletcher
Module 5
February18, 2012
Summary of the books of the Old Testament
The Genre's of this book are made up of Law and History due to the sins of disobedience and "god" worshiping. Along Israel's journey they were led away to wandered for 40 years in the wilderness before coming into the promised land. In the first 25 chapters of Numbers we see the experiences of the first generation of the Israelites in the wilderness along with the census of the men for battle. The remaining chapters of Numbers describes the experiences of the second generation. Obedience and rebellion followed by repentance and blessing, are themed throughout the entire book. The experiences Moses encountered in this book included his own siblings turning on him and anger starting to control many of his actions, and even due to his own disobedience Moses was unable to walk into the Promise Land. Numbers describes the walk of the Israelites as well as filling the gap between the Israelites receiving the law and getting them ready to enter the Promise Land . Ruth

In this short narrative story, Ruth, a Moabite widow, willingly leaves her homeland to care for her mother-in-law, Naomi, who is also a widow. Being a Moabite, Ruth was not a part of God’s chosen people, Israel, but she chose to follow God anyway. God rewarded her for her faithfulness and her kindness to her mother-in-law. First, He provided for Ruth’s physical needs. As Ruth went out to get food, she came upon a field, where the owner allowed her to gather as much leftover grain as she needed. But God’s provision did not stop at Ruth’s immediate physical needs. The owner of the field, Boaz, also happened to be a relative of Naomi. Boaz took a sincere interest in Ruth, and eventually they were married. God continued to show His faithful love to Ruth and Boaz by honoring them through their descendants: King David and, hundreds of years later, Jesus Christ. This story’s...
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