Bible and Greek Religion

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Milagro Rodriguez

In this paper I will explain Xenophanes critique of the Greek religion. Who is Xenophanes? Xenophanes is the biographer of Socrates and his student. Xenophanes wrote histories. He was also a warrior for the Greeks and also the Spartans. Xenophanes had an unreserved critique of Greek religion because he felt that Greek religion was close to being polytheism. In other words many gods, when it should only be monotheists one God. His intensions were to take down the polytheistic religious views of earlier Greek poets and of his own generation Homer and Hesiod. He stated they were made up stories, because gods look too much like us. Xenophanes believed that if there was a God, he should be worthy to worship. He believed that we should never worship a being who is like us, or the person telling you about the being. With that being said He believed that all gods and goddesses misbehaved. “God did not create us in God’s image we created god in our image.” Xenophanes felt that god was unlike human in either body or mind. No physical body in order to be perfect you cannot have a physical body. They have imitations. He felt Zeus was not human. But also not perfect either .The problem was that Zeus was support, super human, good looking, physical body and people made him wise and perfect. Like Socrates said once, “find whose wise and pretends to be wise but isn’t.” Xenophanes critique apply to the following passages of scriptures from the bible because he stated that if someone ever read a religious text and get to the part where the gods behaves in a way you wouldn’t, you close the book and move on. I agree how I would follow a god that commands to kill thousands of men, women, children, and animals. When god should be love, forgiveness and understanding this is so called god should be way better than perfect. He should be worthy to worship knowing this god does not misbehave. The god should be a protector....
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