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Organizing Work
Team B is a team of managers at Cox Communications. Upper management is concerned that the structure of the division our team is managing is not accomplishing goals as efficiently as it could. Senior management has tasked our team to review the organizations current organizational structure for efficiency and advise desirable changes. As the investigations begin Team B detected that Cox Communications’ organizational chart has not been recently updated. As a result, the team created an updated organizational chart to calculate the efficiency of the structure currently in place. The team was not satisfied with the current situation and decided to create a new organizational chart and recommend structural changes to upper management. The recommendations and rationale will be presented to upper management at the next meeting. In this meeting, the team will describe the work that must be completed to accomplish the recommended changes and/or adaptations. They will also describe how the work could be done most effectively. Questions such as “Would the work be completed by individuals, teams, or a combination of both?” will be addressed. Team B will justify their recommendations to the upper To complete and accomplish the recommended changes for the reorganization of the company the following must be considered. First where will each division be housed? Will there be central offices that each division will work from, even those that work in the field? Secondly employees that are moving, what should they bring with them? Should they move their computers, telephones, office supplies, and personal belongs? The third is there any stationary, business cards that will need updating with the new division titles and phone numbers. Lastly, Cox should consider the best time company-wide to re-organize. Once the organizational chart is reorganized there should be a company meeting to give everyone an over view of the new organizational structure of the...
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