Topics: Democracy, Gross domestic product, Economic growth Pages: 3 (944 words) Published: February 24, 2013
GDP is an acronym for Gross Domestic Product. GDP is a standard definition of output based on a United Nations measure which is used by countries around the world to calculate their output. Using GDP, it allows output to be compared between countries and over time. For me, the main aim of Bhutan’s government is to maximise growth in GDP. This is due to the pillars of Gross National Happiness identified by Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Jigmi Thinkley in 1998. But in order to maximise growth in GDP for Bhutan, the citizen must develop their spiritual first. Then, the country’s economic will automatically develop as their spiritual. Because of that, the Prime Minister established the four pillars of Gross National Happiness. First pillar is sustainable and equitable socio-economic development. It is about improvement of physical, intellectual, social and economic health through services such as health, education, trade and commerce, road and bridge construction, employment, urban development and housing. This pillar is the most important factor in maximising the growth of GDP by Bhutan’s government. This is because health, education, employment and so on will improve citizen’s standard of living which bring happiness to them. The improvement will also encourage them to work harder, indirectly, increase the national income which leads to increase in GDP. For example, health. Having good health has a very high monetary value in terms of happiness. Health problems amongst employees will increase stress in the workplace and definitely decrease the work productivity. Other example, employment. Increase in employment will provide jobs to the citizen. Job or work provides income. Household will use the income to fulfill their need. When the number of unemployment decrease, the GDP will increase, since, economic growth and unemployment tend to be linked. Second pillar, conservation of the environment. For example, the law which states that the minimum tree cover the kingdom...
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