BHS 312 Case Study 4

Topics: Management, Process management, Business process reengineering Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: March 10, 2014

Trident University
Module 4 Case Assignment
Principles of Management
Dr. Rhonda Hatfield
26 February 2014

Module 4 Case: The Management Function of Directing
Case Study Assignment Expectations:
After reading the article, please respond to the following questions. 1) Briefly summarize the article.
2) Define and discuss the directing function of management.
3) Based upon the information in the article, what are some examples of how you would use this management function? Compare that to some actual examples from the article. How do they differ? 4) What might be the result of this re-engineering initiative if the directing isn't managed well? Conversely, what are the potential outcomes if it is?

Briefly summarize the article.
The article “Business process re-engineering in healthcare management: a case study”, was very informative and in some aspects argumentative. It explains how they were attempting to implement certain changes to hospitals and clinics. These changes will ultimately benefit the patient/customer, as well as, the hospital itself as a business. The primary challenge was that Doctors, Nurses, and administrators were reluctant to changes in their workplace. That is where the argument of Hospital vs. Business comes in. The administrators see the Hospital as a place of business, while the Doctors and nurses see it as a place to care for the ill. Fact of the matter is that you cannot simply have one without the other. Hospitals have ill patients who need treatment and care – treatment and care cost money. In this article, “business process re-engineering’s approach is used in order to improve the service quality and the efficiency in the surgical ward of a hospital”. Define and discuss the directing function of management.

Directing is “a basic management function that includes building an effective work climate and creating opportunity for motivation, supervising, scheduling, and...

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