Bhoplal Gas Tragedy Case Study

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Occupational health psychology, Safety engineering Pages: 23 (7099 words) Published: April 2, 2013
For smooth functioning of an organization, the employer has to ensure safety and security of his employees. Health and safety form an integral part of work environment. A work environment should enhance the well being of employees and thus should be accident free. The terms health, safety and security are closely related to each other. Health is the general state of well being. It not only includes physical well being, but also emotional and mental well being. Safety refers to the act of protecting the physical well being of an employee. It will include the risk of accidents caused due to machinery, fire or diseases. Security refers to protecting facilities and equipments from unauthorized access and protecting Employees while they are on work. In organizations the responsibility of employee health and safety falls on the supervisors or HR manager. An HR manager can help in coordinating safety programs, making employees aware about the health and safety policy of the company, conduct formal safety training, etc. The supervisors and departmental heads are responsible for maintaining safe working conditions. Responsibilities of managers: * Monitor health and safety of employees

* Coach employees to be safety conscious
* Investigate accidents
* Communicate about safety policy to employees

Since the begging of the present century, employee safety and health problems at work have been engaged attention of the psychologists, sociologists and the industrial engineers. Psychologists are concerned with the theoretical considerations of accident causation and there search into accident control, through proper selection, training and the education of the employee; and the social and psychological factors that influence the individual’s behaviour in general. Engineers and safety officers usually render necessary practical advice on certain aspects of safety in industry. They look upon prevention of accidents basically as an engineering problem to be tackled through proper designing of mechanical safety devices. In fact, accident prevention and safety are inter related and, therefore require a multi dimensional approach. Its importance has increased because of large-scale industrialization in which human beings are subjected to mechanical, chemical, electrical and radiation hazards.

Besides, modern industry is characterized by complicated mechanisms, intricate job requirements, and fast moving production lines. One of the important consequences of all this is increased dangers of human life, through accidents.

Employee health problems are varied---and somewhat inevitable. They can range from minor illnesses such as colds to serious illnesses related to the job performed. Some employees have emotional health problems; other have alcohol or drug problems. Some problems are chronic; others are transitory. All may affect organizational operations are individual employee productivity. a. EMOTIONAL/MENTAL HEALTH

Many individuals today are facing work, family, and personal life pressures. Although most people manage these pressures successfully, some individuals have difficulties handling the demand. Also, specific events, such as death of a spouse, divorce, or medical problems, can affect individuals who otherwise have been coping successfully with life pressures. A variety of emotional/mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and depression are considered disabilities under the ADA. Employers should be cautious when using disciplinary policies if employees diagnosed with such illnesses have work-related problems.

Stress that keeps individuals from successfully handling the multiple demands they face is one concern. All people encounter stress; when “stress overload” hits, work-related consequences can result. HR professionals, managers and supervisors all must be prepared to...
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