Bhavnath Case Solution

Topics: Economic development, Dam, Temple in Jerusalem Pages: 4 (1069 words) Published: August 19, 2010
The fate of any country future’s depends on the decision taken in present. India attention after independence was towards all round economic development. A proposal of dams to be constructed across the rivers Lokmata and Sadmata, which would result in submerging of 8 out of 20 villages. But it was a difficult task to provide shelter but also new sources of livelihood. To raise irrigation potential and increase agricultural production, government was determined to have these dams constructed. People of these villagers were convinced and seem satisfied with the government decision for constructing dams.

Just before the final decision on proposal was taken a new idea was proposed which would increase the capacity of reservoir from 4700 million cu. Ft to 5700 million cu. Ft. by raising fsl and hfl to 595 and 606 respectively by investing 20 lakhs more. A plan which would increase irrigation capacity to larger area and more agriculture production was opposed by villagers as this plan was leading to submerging of BHAVNATH TEMPLE connected to BHRUGU RISHI of ancient times. The temple was visited by people from surrounding places and from far off places to worship the deities.

So government was in dilemma whether to go with new plan and shift temple to new place against the people views or go with the original plan settle for less economic growth compare to new plan?

The problem of government is to take decision which maximise more all round economic development and hurting people sentiments or to settle down with less economic development, and accepting people’s demand of saving the temple.

Irrespective of which plan is adopted, The creation of the reservoir would result in submerging of 10,500 acres of land belonging to 20 villages. Out of which 8 villages would have to be completely submerged and has to resettle somewhere else and create new source of livelihood for the popilation

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