Bharati’s Kuyil Song in English

Topics: Love, Bird, 2008 albums Pages: 22 (5551 words) Published: December 19, 2012
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N V Subbaraman Chennai “குயில் பாட்டு” into English.


In the pleasant rays of the rising sun
Like merger of blue sea with fire in fun
Light’s beauty never swerving from the right
Sings in praise of scriptures of surging waves
That caress the shores of the town on the left
Sweet soil of Tamil called Pondy the great!
Just away in the west, sweet mango grove
Happy heaven for the hunters around!
Heavenly home for the innocent birds!
In the breezy grove on a pleasant morn 10 When the hunter for the day was not born
There came a she-cuckoo cute with love perched
Driving the he-cuckoos mad with passion
Making tiny hearts abuzz with love merged
All birds around the wood –great creation
Morning melodies heard without efforts
Pleasant aroma mixed in thin air
Divine light- light and sweet from the heaven
In cuckoo’s form, raising to show its might
Through its voice of melody –the wonder 20 Thoughts erased, intoxicating songs - thunder
Those poets see in the light of the day---
All I saw in the long dream on the way!
The virgin cuckoo I heard with raptures
Pining for cuckoo form, leaving this body
Not leaving her but in wedlock captured!
In her sweet melodies, ending this life!
Singing in thoughts with deep yearning in file!
What I heard sure, those from heaven hear!
In that melodious voice of cuckoo 30 Mysterious meanings I could enjoy!
Sure with the world I share in ecstasy!
Where do I go for that voice of melody?
(This is a beautiful song set to music)
Love, love, love
Love failing
Death, death, death! (Love….)

Compassion real light
Light extinguished, light extinguished
Darkness, darkness, darkness! (Love……)

Joy, joy, joy
When joy sees an end
Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow! (Love……)

Melody, melody, melody 10 When melody gets a dent
Damage, damage, damage! (Love……..)

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm
When rhythm is lost
Dust, dust, dust! (Love..)

Rhyme, rhyme, rhyme
When rhyme is lost
Waste, waste, waste! (Love……)

Fame, fame, fame
When fame is lost 20 Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace! (Love…….)

Firm, firm, firm
When firmness is lost
End, end, end! (Love…….)

Search, search, search
After search, when energy lost
Withering, withering, withering! (Love…….) Flute, flute, flute
When flute has a crack
Waste, waste, waste! (Love……) 30 3 LOVE STORY OF THE CUCKOO

Scintillating song to end over the world
Sweet silence descending; comes into fold
Pleasant passion and sadness merging strong
Could find none but that cute cuckoo along
Rest of the birds all flying away quick
Perched on the branch with head down as if sick
Went near her to see it withering;
“Darling! My dear! Heavenly singing!
Spreading fire of joy in the seven worlds
Tell me what went wrong” said in soothing words! 10 Entranced cuckoo in an enchanting voice
Its magical words- kept me still in poise!
“I pine for love, and if I am denied
My preferred goal- death,...
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