Bhaghat Singh Letters to Khan Sahar Gull Khan

Topics: Envelope, Bhagat Singh, Power-on self-test Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: May 7, 2013
(Translated from the original by Chaman Lal)

This letter was written to a close personal friend by Bhagat Singh on a post card in English. It has the stamp of Lahore post office of February 24, 1930. This letter is also self-explanatory. ____________________________________________________________________________________1

Very urgent
No. 103
Central Jail
condemned cell, Lahore

My Dear Sahar Gull Khan!

We are missing the all we celebrate including hunting and lunch with you Kulbir and Kultaar Singh at your lands. Your gardens oranges were delicious. I hope you would have heard of our abandoning the fast after 16 days, and you can guess how greatly do we feel the necessity of your help at this stage. We received a few oranges yesterday but no interview was held. Our case has been adjourned for a fortnight. Therefore, kindly arrange to send a tin of ‘Craven Cigarettes — A’ and a tin of ghee immediately. And a few oranges along with a few rasgullas will also be welcomed. Mr Dutta is facing hard times without cigarettes. Now you can understand the urgent nature of our needs.

Thanking you in advance, yours sincerely Bhagat Singh Address — To, Sahar Gull Khan, 238 GB jaranwala

This letter has also been written to Sahar Gull Khan on May 26, 1930, in English. The stamp of Lahore post office is of May 28,...
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