Bf Skinner

Topics: Reinforcement, B. F. Skinner, Experimental analysis of behavior Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: November 16, 2005
Burrhus Frederic Skinner the Theorist
Behaviorism is the branch of psychology associated today with numerous psychologists but one of the most prominent behavioral psychologists of all time, B.F. Skinner really taught people that any behavior is usually immediately affected by its consequences. I having a young child I have seen Skinners theories work in many different facets during my short stint of being a parent. Skinner is a theorist who made his reputation by studying how an individual's behavior might change by responding to his/her environment. The great Skinner wrote "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten",(Skinner, 1964) thus basically meaning that most over and over again behaviors we as people have learned and made habits are from the trials and consequences we suffered through to understand them. Behaviorism is a different breed of psychology to study; Skinner after logging long hours at Harvard and the University of Minnesota often wrote rather then taught. His primary way of relaying his idea's and studies to people was through many of his books including the book Walden II, which is still read as a fictional account of a small knit town that is was completely run by his behaviorist idea's and principles. He as a young and upcoming psychologist, who loved to write, really focused his attention in books to help people understand that his ultimate goal of psychology was to improve our species through conditioning. His theory was he wanted us as people to understand that any everyday behavior that was immediately followed with continued positive reinforcement, would almost 100 percent of the time lead to us doing the same ordinary everyday behavior over, and over again, but if this reinforcement were negative such as touching a hot stove and burning your finger were to happen you wouldn't ever do this same behavior over because it lead to a unwanted pain. His idea's also mention that if this reinforcement was...
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