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Topics: Language education, Teaching English as a foreign language, Second language acquisition Pages: 4 (1473 words) Published: December 4, 2014
This class was prepared for a group that likes to participate in class . They are more than 30 students ,so everybody participation is a difficult task. They have studied less than a year. Many students work and they do not have many opportunities to practice , then the class must give them the chance to use the language. In the previous lesson taught about the use of Used to- did not use to, Students were able to participate and they did their class activity. However, they had some problems to differentiate when the affirmative form of the structure should be used and when not. Besides, students did not have enough oral practice . Students interaction did not occur, so next classes must provide them. The use of authentic language can be very meaningful for learners , since they are just starting to try new structures and producing new language connections . Repetition of the structure , a very well-planned amount of activities , plus a methodological organization of a wide number of opportunities to practice will most probably give enough input to the learner to grasp the new concepts . … If the language teacher’s management activities are directed exclusively at involving the learners in solving communications problems in the target language, then language learning will take care of itself…(R.Allrght, 1979:170). That is because , it is a mandatory action for any teacher to understand how to vary class activities , in order to make students feel they are progressing and learning ; avoiding boredom or any other negative attitude towards the class. This group needs more attention on the use of the target language , so they can feel that they are having a progress, but based on the fact they are large class, then pair work activities seems to be one of the best alternatives. Something I have learned from this ICELT course it is that preparing lesson plans and activities for a class is a hard task , but sticking to a plan...

References: Harmer, J.(2001) The practice of English language teaching. England: Longman .
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