Beyond the Great wall

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Beyond the Great Wall
Intellectual Property Strategies
for Chinese Companies

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the Great Wall
Intellectual Property Strategies
for Chinese Companies

David Michael
Collins Qian
Vladislav Boutenko
Ralph Eckardt
Mark Blaxill

January 2007

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Note to the Reader


Executive Summary


Competing on the World Stage


Understanding the Five Phases of IP Development


Phase 1: Driving Growth Through Exports


Phase 2: Climbing the Value Ladder


Phase 3: Paying the Price


Phase 4: Getting Serious About Intellectual Property


Phase 5: Profiting from Intellectual Property


Closing the IP Gap


For Further Reading


Beyond the Great Wall

Note to the Reader
This research report is a joint product
of the Strategy practice and the
Technology and Communications
practice of The Boston Consulting
Group. The authors welcome your
questions and feedback.

For Further Contact

David Michael
BCG Beijing
+86 10 6567 5755
Collins Qian
BCG Shanghai
+86 21 6375 8618
Vladislav Boutenko
BCG Moscow
+7 495 258 34 34


The authors acknowledge the
contributions of BCG’s global experts
in strategy and in technology and
communications. They extend special
thanks to David Dean, a senior vice
president and director in BCG’s Munich
office and the former global leader of
the Technology and Communications
practice, and to Michael Deimler, a
senior vice president and director in
BCG’s Atlanta office and global leader
of the Strategy practice.
In addition, the authors would like to
thank Amit Nisenbaum, project leader;
Daniel Maloney, associate; and Laura
Rees, associate. These colleagues
formed the project team that supported
this research. Finally, the authors
express gratitude to the following
members of the BCG editorial
and production staff: Barry Adler,
Katherine Andrews, Gary Callahan,
Matthew Clark, Mary DeVience, Elyse
Friedman, Kim Friedman, and Mark
David Michael
Senior Vice President and Director
Collins Qian
Vice President and Director
Vladislav Boutenko
Vice President and Director
Ralph Eckardt
Former Manager
Mark Blaxill
Former Senior Vice President

Executive Summary
Over the past five years, a rapid rise in exports has
driven an unprecedented level of prosperity in
China, fueling the nation’s emergence as an economic powerhouse. To sustain its trajectory of impressive growth, China will become even more reliant on exports. That means that Chinese companies will need to become ever more sophisticated about

operating in global markets.
•  ntellectual property (IP) strategy is one of the arI
eas in which it is most critical that Chinese companies boost their sophistication. Despite rapid and well-documented improvements in the IP system
within China, Chinese companies still lag...
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