Beyond Silence

Topics: Deaf culture, Hearing impairment, Translation Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: January 12, 2011
Since Lara was a little girl she has had many difficult tasks to deal with. Both of her parents are deaf and Lara who is not has to translate for them. As Lara gets older she becomes very interested in music and starts playing the clarinet. Lara turned out to be a very talented clarinet player. However, her parents are deaf and she is not able to share her wonderful talent with them. This makes their relationship with each other difficult. Watching the movie there are different concepts that appear such as respect, levels of identity, cultural groups, and group norms. Respect is brought out in this movie in many ways. Lara shows a lot of respect for her parents by being their sole translator. Lara is the ears and mouth for her parents. She is a very smart little girl who has more responsibilities than a normal eight year old should have. These responsibilities put her schooling in jeopardy because she has to leave school early to help her parents with business meetings. Also with all the help she does around the house she does not do her homework, which leave her behind the other children in her class. In the movie as she gets older she shows her true interest and talent for music. Lara wants to share her love of music with her parents but since they are deaf it makes it difficult. This is why her father, Martin, does not respect her decision to play the clarinet. Lara as an individual wanted to pursue her musical career so she did by going to live with her aunt and uncle in Berlin. After living in Berlin Lara’s individual identity was obvious. She wanted to be a musician. Lara had a passion for music and although she was very talented already she continued to practice and get even better. Her aunt Clarissa and her music teacher encourage her that she should take her talent further and study professionally. At the group level of identity it was very important for Lara to become a student and study music at the conservatory. Finally at the...
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