Beyond Katrina

Topics: Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: September 23, 2013
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6 September 2013
Beyond Katrina Analysis
Perhaps Tretheway focused a portion of her novel on the idea that the economy was demolished after Hurricane Katrina due to the building of Casinos and Resorts. In “Beyond Katrina: A Mediation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,” Natasha Tretheway infuses parallelism between the destruction of the city/ people and the destruction of the casinos, “some memorabilia washed away in the storm. They are like us in their appreciation of loss” (Tretheway 58). She explains how the casinos had sentiment in them, as do the people of New Orleans. Nevertheless; Tretheway argues that the building of casinos helped destroy the economy more than it was previously. The government focused more so on the building of casinos with the idea that it will increase publicity and bring in money to the city. However, that wasn’t the case. The government focused entirely too much on the building of Casinos and Resorts rather than the problems of the people. Nearly half of the residents of Gulfport witnessed the opening of the first casino in 1992. “It wasn’t long before the gaming industry made a significant contribution to the coast’s economy” (12). By 1996, monthly gaming revenues increased from 10 million to 153 million. Many casinos transplanted some employees to the coast, creating a larger housing demand and increasing traffic problems. However, most of the people employed in the industry are locals. As the remains from Katrina were recovering, the unemployment rate was increasing. The casinos being built were the only major form of work left in the city of and around New Orleans. The citizens were desperate for work and the building of casinos only made it worse. Also, the casinos were rebuilt in place of historical neighborhoods. There was no choice left but to be unemployed. Tretheway instills the idea that the creation of casinos and resorts had a negative impact overall within the economy. They only made the lives of...

Cited: Tretheway, Natasha. Beyond Katrina: A Meditation On The Mississippi Gulf Coast. Athens: Univeristy of Georgia Press, 2012. Print.
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