Beyonce Feminism

Topics: Feminism, Woman, Women's rights Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Leah Taylor
Beyonce and Feminism when it comes to this topic there is so much that there could be said just because it's a very broad topic. People believe that there has not ever been a single united fiminism. They believe there have been multiple feminisms representing the efforts of women to live into their full humanity in a world shaped by and for the generally larger and more violent male half of the human species. In the 19th century there was a feminist movement its roots came from the abolitionist movement, the central question of the 19th century feminism was whether it was okay to promote black civil rights over womens rights. Black womens basic rights were compromised both because they were black and they were women. Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist and an early feminist remearked in her famous 1851 speech: "I think that twixt the negroes of the south and the women of the north, all talking about rights, the white men will be in a fix pretty soon." (Civil Liberty)

Beyonce is everywhere, most recently on the cover of time as one of the 100 most infuluential people. Beyonce is often scantily and her lyrics are sexually suggestive. Bill O'Reilly of fox news said that for young girls especially those without parental supervison, what Beyonce does could have a negative impact. " This woman knows that young girls getting pregnant in the African American community, "O-Reilly said on his show. "She knows and doesnt seem to care." Annie Lennox defends calling beyonnce a "feminist" she says "twerking is not feminism." (E-Online) There is all of these different opinions that everyone has made whether or not Beyonce should be refered to as a feminist or not, but the real question here is why do so many people care if Beyonce is a feminist or not?

"On this planet, there is a woman who truly believes that Lena Dunham and her constant nakedness is feminism, but because Beyonce agreed to be photographed in her underwear, she is hurting...
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