Topics: Beowulf, Ahmad ibn Fadlan, Michael Crichton Pages: 3 (1224 words) Published: September 24, 2013
1. Beowulf versus The 13th Warrior
After reading the epic poem Beowulf and watching the movie The 13th Warrior, I find that the differences greatly outnumber the similarities. However, the theme of good versus evil reflects the values of the Anglo-Saxon people in both the poem and the movie. 2. Numerous differences exist in the poem and the movie including the characters, the bloody battles, and the deaths of the heroes. Many differences occur in the poem and movie. The difference in the heroes names becomes obvious. In the poem the heroes name is Beowulf. In the movie, Boulvine is the hero's name. Another difference occurs in the monsters. In the poem the head monsters name is Grendle. In the movie though, the monster is called the leader of the Ven. Also, in the poem, Grendle is just one person. In the movies the Ven consist of a group of humans that act like animals. 3. Another difference in the poem and movie is the bloody battles. In the poem, Beowulf has supernatural powers when he is at battle. In the movie, Boulvine battles with human strengths and power. In the poem Beowulf fights all of his battles alone. In the movie Boulvine battles with several men. One of the famous warriors is the 13th warrior, played by Antonio Banderes. He helps Boulvine fight the Ven. In the poem Beowulf does not fight his third battle until 50 years later. In the movie Boulvine fights his third battle immediately after the second. 4. The last difference that occurs is the difference in the deaths of the heroes. In the poem Beowulf dies form a slash to the throat from a dragon. In the movie, Boulvine dies from poison. Beowulf dies as an old man in the poem. In the movie though, he dies as a young man. In the poem, Beowulf kills Grindle and then Grindles mother. In the movie, Boulvine kills the mother and then the Ven leader. Though the hero's die at different times, they both die as kings. There are many vast differences and many similarities between the story of Beowulf...
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