Beware of Free Ringtones

Topics: Mobile phone, IPhone, Nokia Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: May 7, 2013
"Houston, we have a problem". This is one of the free ringtones, (with original scratchy radio noises), I use for incoming calls in one of my mobiles. One of the coolest free ringtones around. So I think. I have two mobiles numbers, one for friends, family and fun and other for the serious callers, such as my bank manager, my grandmother, (she is a no nonsense clever woman who expects a grandson like me to be a grown up man by now), the tax collector or the democratic party.

Free Ringtones that are Not Free.
There are countless websites on the Internet that promise free ringtones for your cell phone, but many of them either charge for downloads, want you to pay a subscription, or re-direct you to unrelated websites full of adverts. So, be careful. There are also many ringtone sites on the Web that offer illegal cell phone content (videos, games, software, etc.) It's therefore wise to make sure that you don't infringe on copyright by using legal ringtone sites. Because you will, whether you believe or not or you think is fair or not. As far as I know, there are two kinds of "100% free ringtones..." There are genuinely free ringtones and there are "free" ringtones that keep charging you every month. Ringtones that are advertised as free ringtones, but are not free at all. The problem is so pressing that years ago the European Union conducted a crackdown on free ringtone scams and found misleading advertising cases in 300 free ringtones web sites. Dubious free ringtone offers are everywhere. They are in search engine search result or they get to you in the form of an innocent SMS. Adolescents and youngers are their most profitable market. Free ringtones are advertised on web sites that appeal particularly to people under 20s They are all over the web. More than you think. These companies, (or crooks) that offer and provide some free ringtones generally have 2 kinds of approaches to mislead you: "Failure to provide complete trader information and advertising...
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