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History of literature

Here, I would like to explain about one of the most important works of Anglo-Saxon literature. Beowulf, is an old English heroic epic poem which is consist of 3182 alternative long line. The name of the title Beowulf is related to the traditional old English and set in Scandinavia.

This poem tell that Beowulf is the hero who come from Geats in Scandinavia and take a travel to Denmark with his band of soldiers which include his best friend. He comes to the king of Danes, Hrothgar who is the king that under attack by the demonic monster which is a hideously disfigured troll-like creature with superhuman strength usually called Grendel. He try to help the king of danes to kill that monster. When he live in there, he attracted with Hrothgar’s wife, Queen Wealtheow who is the queen that doesn’t love to the Hrotgar. And finally Beowulf killed Grandel with his bare hands and he also try to kill grendel’s mother in their lair. But grendel’s mother try to make an agreement that she will make Beowulf to be a king after she married with him and make a baby to replace her son Grandel. He says to the hrothgar that he killed grendel’s Mom with the sword that he found in Grendel’s lair. Finally Beowulf replacing hrothgar to be a king. After 50 years he lead that kingdom, there is a dragon want to destroy his kingdom and kill Beowulf. He doesn’t know that the dragon who want to fight with him is his son born from grendel’s mother. And as usual he kill that dragon but he is fatally wounded in that battle. And finally he meet his death, then his servant bury him in Tumulus, a burial mound in Geatland.
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