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By watching the movie "Beowulf” there where noticeable comparisons from the movie and to the book. Comparisons which include the personalities of Beowulf in the book to the movie. Also some things that compared Beowulf of the movie to Beowulf of the story was there different perspective of their way of the epic hero cycle. So "Beowulf" of the epic poem has a more clear way of the epic hero cycle to that of the Beowulf of the movie.

First of all Beowulf has the same name in both the story and the movie so that’s something that does not change. In the story and in the movie both Beowulfs are charged with the quest of traveling across the sea to kill Grendal because of the terrorizing of the city of Herot. Also the setting of the story of Beowulf is identical to the one of the the movie so that really also doesn’t change.

In the movie the plot at the beginning made it seem that nobody really cared about if there was a demon loose out there and could attack them at any time, because everyone was parting, sleeping with women and just having a great time. Then later on in the movie came to kill Grendal but the people really werent so exited to see him they were just yay Beowulf came. Now in the epic poem at the beginning the setting seemed very dark at first because there was a demon out there terrorizing the city of Herot so there was more fear among the people in the story than in the movie, it convinced me more that there was a killer in the loose. Then upon Beowulf’s arrival in the poem the story became from dark to a brighter setting because beuwulf “the hero” succesfully killed Grendal and therefore; Beowulf was seen like a more hero than in the movie. In the epic poem Beowulf is seen more like a God who can solve all of Herots problems because of his unbelivable power that no one in the story could possibly have. Then in the movie Beowulf is seen like a normal human being and nothing so big like in the story. Yeah both Beowulfs are hero’s because of their...
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