Beumer vs Amores

Topics: Common law, Legal terms, Property Pages: 3 (1199 words) Published: February 19, 2015
G.R. No. 195670 December 3, 2012
Petitioner, a Dutch National, and respondent, a Filipina, married in March 29, 1980. After several years, the RTC of Negros Oriental declared the nullity of their marriage in the Decision dated November 10, 2000 on the basis of the former’s psychological incapacity as contemplated in Article 36 of the Family Code. Consequently, petitioner filed a Petition for Dissolution of Conjugal Partnership dated December 14, 2000 praying for the distribution of the properties claimed to have been acquired during the subsistence of their marriage. In defense, respondent averred that, with the exception of their two (2) residential houses on Lots 1 and 2142, she and petitioner did not acquire any conjugal properties during their marriage. During trial, petitioner testified that the properties were registered in the name of respondent, these properties were acquired with the money he received from the Dutch government as his disability benefit since respondent did not have sufficient income to pay for their acquisition. He also claimed that the joint affidavit they submitted before the Register of Deeds of Dumaguete City was contrary to Article 89 of the Family Code, hence, invalid. For her part, respondent maintained that the money used for the purchase of the lots came exclusively from her personal funds, in particular, her earnings from selling jewelry as well as products from Avon, Triumph and Tupperware. On February 28, 2007, the RTC dissolved the parties’ conjugal partnership, awarding all the parcels of land to respondent as her paraphernal properties; the tools and equipment in favor of petitioner as his exclusive properties; the two (2) houses standing on Lots 1 and 2142 as co-owned by the parties. The personal properties, i.e., tools and equipment mentioned in the complaint which were brought out by Willem from the conjugal dwelling are hereby declared to be exclusively owned by...
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