Betty boop

Topics: English-language films, Snow White, Mirror Pages: 1 (578 words) Published: October 28, 2014
Betty Boop: Snow White
First the queen takes care of her beauty and puts powder on her face and looks to the mirror and said "magic mirror in my hand who is the fairest in the land" and the mirror answered "you are the fairest in the land". A beautiful small girl just appears and she pulls a string from the clock to get attention and then she asks to see her step mom the queen. After the small girl enters, the queen passes her head through the mirror and starts at her. The small girl say "I heard about your looking glass looking glass looking glass I heard about your looking glass" then the queen get proud by herself and say again "magic mirror in my hand who is the fairest in the land" and this time the mirror looks and points at the small girl and say to her "Your are the fairest in the land You are the fairest in the land". After that, the queen got angry and she orders her servants to cut off the small girl head. They ties up the girl in the tree and she sings sad song, while she cries, that also makes the two servants to cry. They prepare a whole in the ground to bury the small girl after cutting off her head, but they decide not to kill her and they destroy the tools that they get it to cut off her head and throw it in the whole. While they throw a piece of wood in the whole, they fall down with it and got stuck. The small girl was still tied up in the tree and she was screaming "save me save me save me" then the tree unwrapped her to make her free. Next, the girl walks and looks back and she falls on a piece of ice and starts dragging on the floor and hilts by many trees on the floor until she hilts by a fence and shapes the ball ice to a box. Then the box falls into iced water while she was inside it and the box shaped into a transparent iced box. The box drags into a dwarfs house and they hold the box and take it to a mystery cave while the girl seemed died. The queen comes to the place...
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