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Better a Lie that soothes , than a truth that hurts

By oceanwrecked Dec 01, 2013 344 Words
“Better a lie that soothes , than a truth that hurts.”

The quote “better a lie that soothes, than a truth that hurts” means that it’s better to lie rather than to tell the cold hearted truth. I disagree because if you lie then when the time comes to tell the truth the lies will hurt way more than what it would have been before.

Lying only leads to more lying. If you lie once and someone calls you out on that lie then you have to create a bigger lie. You have to adapt to that lie and understand that the lie is the truth from then on. In some cases, it is better to speak the truth in a gentle way. Such as , if a woman were to ask you if she looks fat in a dress than find her a different dress and tell them that the new dress suits her better. However, In some cases its better to speak the truth in a cold hearted way. For example, if a grotesque girl likes you at school , you can tell her she is weird and that you don’t like her or want to be friends with her.

Lying also can be very hurtful to yourself if you get caught. If you’re not honest with the people you enjoy, then you will end up separated. Lying can result in being imprisoned for being obstructive. Lying can get your job taken away or even something as simple as losing respect from someone. Telling the truth will show that you’re honest and you’re mature enough to tell the truth. Studies have shown that people who tell the truth have no stress, more confidence , and more friends.

In conclusion, Lying can end in tragic ways and telling the truth ends in benefits for you. My beliefs are that telling the truth is better than telling a lie because when you have a lie you have to hold the burden and have it go through your head an abundant amount of times.

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