Better Half : Better Manager

Topics: Family, Marriage, Entrepreneurship Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: July 16, 2013
Better Half : Better Manager

For years together India is known for family business. The joint hindu family business was the origin of industrial revolution. But, in duecourse these family businesses saturated owing to the nuclear family system. As the families became smaller, they were not able to invest enough and as well as were short of loyal manpower. Later emerged the today existing companies. Though there are numerous companies, India’s economy is still considerably dependent on the sole traders. The joint hindu family had no female intervention. The company system saw women empowerment, when women came in to take up challenging roles. For instance, Mrs.Indra Nooyi who has successfully led Pepsi Co India for a number of years. But, the today trend is even more interesting. The days where women limited to the household decisions are gone. Today women are equally competent. The business and entrepreneurial world is witnessing couple entrants. And more of all, these couple entrants are successful managers. Couple of years back there were a handful of couples in business, today there a considerable number. With rise in education and qualification levels we are seeing more such couples starting up together and the positives are that the couples always has the same goals and interests and work towards that. Amongst them there are very successful enterprises. To begin with a well known name, “Slideshare” was founded by Rashmi Sinha and her husband Jonathan Boutelle in 2006 along with Sinha’s brother Amit Ranjan. Linkedin acquired the company, in a $119 million (about INR. 645 crore) cash-and-stock deal in 2012. CISCO – founded by husband and wife team Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner in 1984, California – based cisco went public in 1990. Bosack and Lerner exited the company with a $170 million (about INR.922 crore) payout. CustomerAsset and TutorVista – Serail entrepreneur husband-wife team Meena and Krishnan Ganesh sold CustomerAsset to ICICI in...
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