Better Connected, Farther Apart

Topics: Leonard Pitts, The Miami Herald, Pulitzer Prize Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Drew VonWaldner
Com. 112

Critical Analysis: “Better connected, farther apart”

The author, Leonard Pitts Jr., comes from the credible resource the Miami Herald. Pitts is a very well respected author, and happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author. Pitts specializes in commentary pieces and this piece, “Better connected, farther apart” also happens to be a commentary piece. I personally heard about this topic before I read this article, and I'm sure most other people have unless they live under a rock. It's been all over the usual sports new and even on some of the actual bigger news networks. A notable player from Notre Dame has supposedly been hoaxed into being in a relationship with a girl that never really existed. Manti Te'o had apparently seen pictures of this mystery woman but had never actually met her in person, and it turns out that most people aren't sure if he made the entire story up or if he really was the victim of a hoax. I think the purpose of this article is to illustrate how times have changed, and what exactly our society has come to these days. In fact this exact situation that the article discusses even has it's own name: catfishing. The main thing that people can learn from this article is that relationships shouldn't be entirely based on technology. Our world today has turned to texting instead of actual verbal communication, and even using the internet as a form of chatting in te'o's case. The author really displays the thesis of this article by saying “texting substitutes for conversation, Facebook supplants friendship and we “live” ever more online. Some of us remember a day when she wasn't your girlfriend unless she'd allowed you to hold her hand or steal a kiss. But that was then.” The author obviously disagrees with todays methods of communication and technology. The idea that this football player, Manti Te'o, has been hoaxed into believing that he was in a relationship is the smaller issue. The big picture that...
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